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Information to USERS how to download your purchased royalty free files. 

How can I  download my purchased illustration ?  - I can´t find the download link...
The download link is send direct to the given e-mail adress from:  [email protected] - Please also check the Junk and Spam Folder of your e-mail account.

Information to USERS how to login and download via Subscribtion.

How can I download my illustrations via  the subscribtions plan I purchased ? - I can´t find the login informations...
The login and password is send direct to the given e-mail adress from: [email protected] - Please also check the Junk and Spam Folder of your e-mail account - Browse your graphics and ADD TO CART - Then click the button on the cart check out page "SUBSCRIBTION DOWNLOAD"  

Fill in your e-mail and password, and follow the instruction - Look for the download link of your e-mail account. 


Users informations - How to contact an artist for CUSTOM WORK

Can I
ask an artist to designing my very own exclusive Custom Artwork.

Yes, the way to contact one of our artists is very simple... 

1. Firstly register as a USER:
(Or simply go directly to Poul artist Carlsen´s portfolio) 

2. Click on the custom work button on the artist's portfolio page which looks like this.

My custom work

3. You are now at Artist Poul Carlsen´s Custom Work Forum – Send the artist a “new request" e-mail.
5. If the Artist has send a reply to your request, you can find it in your private mailbox with the following message: "New messages on DrawShop"
Hi (Your Name) Artist, (Artist Name) has send you a message.
6. Login to your Custom Work Forum and read or reply to the messages "New Request".

You can now communicate directly from your “Private Messages” with the artist at any time.
Once you and the artist have agreed on a deal, you will find e-mails from artists in "New Project" - And the project name follows the assignment - from sketches to payment and download of finished artwork - ZIP file.

  How to see my draft sketches, from the artists...  "Please refer to: “Graphics in Progress"
How to make a payment to the artist...  " Please refer to:  " Make a Payment" - Select "Project"
How to download my final Artwork... "Please refer to: "Final Custom Graphics - Download ZIP file"

For instruction step by step, on how to order Custom Work,
please watch the instruction movie below:

Sketches from the artists, seeMMade  For general info about how to order Custom Work, see the movie: general info about how to order Custom Work, see the movie: for an artist
...Contact the artist
...Submit your query
...Receive a free sketch
...Pay for the final graphic
...Download your exclusive graphic